Saturday, 23 July 2011

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time...
Snow White heard that Prince Charming hard been using his charms on half the women in Storyland, the Seven Dwarves had been secretly filming her bathing and sending it as a live feed onto the internet and her wicked step-mother was once again bad mouthing her to the whole land. Even the very peaceful Snow reached the end of her tollerance. She had had enough and some payback was way over due. 
It was her time. 
Goldilocks got a lot more than she bargained for when Snow White caught up with her. It was made all too easy as Goldilocks was sleeping after yet another bowl of porridge. Daddy Bear was more than glad to help if it meant the end of Goldilock's freeloading off of him and his family. 
Goldilock also managed to tell Snow White between gasps and moans more of Prince Charming exploits around the land. Snow White listened intently and added a few more names onto her long list of paybacks....

Cinderella knew she was still in the forrest. She had been stumbling blindly through it since Snow White had bound, gagged and blindfolded her. She knew she had to find someone who could help her soon or she would be lost so deep in the forrest no one would every find her again... 


  1. Great minds think alike (or as my father would say, fools seldom differ) I was thinking that it was time for some 'adult' versions of the fairy tales.

    Let me know if I can help.

    Best wishes,


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